Frequently asked questions

The cooperative

The cooperative is a Cooperative Society of Collective Interest. This type of company allows each person to contribute to the project, financially, democratically and technically. Joining Entrelac means :

  • financing the development of contraceptive equity
  • decide together what contraception we want for tomorrow
  • provide expertise

Membership is open to all persons interested in the project.

To join the group of members, you must acquire one or more shares in the company. Within the framework of the Madelin income tax reduction law, you can benefit from a tax reduction of 25% of the amount of shares subscribed until December 31, 2022. 

It is a title of ownership. is a company with variable capital: the purchase and repayment of shares are not subject to the laws of the market. Contrary to the shares of classic SAS, the amount of the shares remains fixed at
their initial value, 50€, throughout the life of the company. Taking a share in the company means reinforcing's social capital.

All the subscribed shares form the capital of the cooperative. It guarantees the solidity and the functioning of the enterprise. It allows the cooperative to develop its services and to constitute a fund of guarantees and investment necessary to its development.

  • Participation in the life of the cooperative: the SCIC status allows all the beneficiaries and actors interested in various capacities to participate in the development and decisions of the cooperative. Any member can thus participate in the decisions during the General Assembly, elect the Board of Directors, propose his or her candidacy and get involved in different working groups of the cooperative.
  • Tax benefits: individuals benefit from a
    tax reduction of 18% of the amount of payments made for cash subscriptions to the capital. This percentage is increased to 25% from 18/03/22 to 31/12/22.
  • Remuneration of shares: in the event of a surplus year, a remuneration of shares may be paid after deduction of subsidies and legal reserves. Attention: this remuneration is very limited, not obligatory and not foreseen at the moment.

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