About us

0 members users, experts and supporting partners

2022, contraceptive users and experts in contraceptive practice have founded in order to develop together an equitable and accessible contraceptive offer adapted to all. is a Société Coopérative d'Intérêt Collectif and allows any interested person to contribute to its mission.

The project coordination team

the member group

Colleges of members

The members, according to their involvement, are divided into 5 voting colleges. 

Each college elects one or more representatives to represent it in voting and decision-making.

Each of the 5 colleges has an equal voting right of 20%.

  • Salaried members with a minimum of 6 months of work within the cooperative society, holders of a fixed-term or open-ended employment contract,
    whatever the percentage of work time provided for in the contract
  • The social representatives remunerated for their mandates
  • Members who contribute directly to the cooperative's service offering on a voluntary basis
  • Members, natural or legal persons, designers and/or producers of medical devices, other tools related to contraceptive practice or their promotion, and current or future beneficiaries or those who have directly benefited from the services of the SCIC

Members who wish to actively contribute their expertise to the cooperative society in a field or
practice related to contraception, including the following subcategories:
● Medical professionals
● Experts in other scientific disciplines
● Support organizations
● Expert users:

Members who are legal entities or have associative status and members who have a contractual relationship with and who provide support by any means to the projects of the SCIC, which do not fall under the preceding categories - in particular any type of public or private organization that provides with financial or operational resources

Members who are natural persons or legal entities wishing to support the cooperative society and who do not fall into the above categories.