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First ANDRO-SWITCH project, the RING for male contraception accessible throughout Europe

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More and more people are

want fairer, more appropriate contraception. However, information and choice about male and testicular contraception remain underdeveloped. is the first cooperative company dedicated to innovation in male contraception. We support project leaders project certification and and marketing of their product.

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Andro-switch male contraceptive ring

Androswitch in your pharmacy

Chosen by over 15,000 people, Andro-switch is an effective, reversible medical device for male contraception.

Andro-switch is currently being certified for distribution in Europe. supports Andro-switch manufacturer Thoreme in the certification process for its product.


First Prize for Innovation 2023 UNESCO Chair in Sexual Health and Human Rights

UNESCO Chair - First Innovation Prize for the project "This year, I'm taking my contraception in hand - A practical guide to thermal contraception".

Awardee of the MCI Development Award 2022

Male Contraception Initiative - Development Award for the Andro-switch clinical trial project

Région Nouvelle-Aquitaine - Support for the creation of SCOPs and SCICs in the media

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For a more equitable contraception in 2023, offers you

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first prize for Innovation 2023-2024
UNESCO Chair in Sexual Health and Human Rights

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